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College Font Kit

College Font Kit

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The Fonts

We Hand-Picked the top four (free) college fonts for creating collegiate looking designs. Each font has it’s own unique characteristics that make it different from the other three.  We used the fonts below in creating the College Font Vector Arch Kit and most of the College Font Vector Templates that come in the kit but you can alter any of the template or arch fonts and replace with the font you like best!
Please Note that we listed each file that comes with the fonts below so when you download your desired college font, you will be downloading a zip file with each of the font files shown for that particular font.  Simply download, unzip and install in your font directory.  Once you install a font, you will need to restart whatever software program(s) (you were previously working in) to view the font.




  • TrueType Font
  • COLLEGE.ttf
  • COLLEGEB.ttf
  • COLLEGEC.ttf
  • COLLEGES.ttf
  • Princeton Solid (included)



  • TrueType Font
  • CollegiateFLF.ttf
  • CollegiateBlackFLF.ttf
  • CollegiateBorderFLF.ttf
  • CollegiateInsideFLF.ttf
  • CollegiateOutlineFLF.ttf



  • TrueType Font
  • SF_Collegiate.ttf
  • SF_Collegiate_Solid.ttf



  • TrueType Font
  • Freshman.ttf


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Powerful College Font Kit for Creating Collegiate Designs!

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